Cozy Newborn Photos

Asheville Home Session

Those first few weeks after having a baby are hard. Magical, but also so so hard. Not only do you have to heal from giving birth to a human, but you have to keep this human alive. You have to adjust to no sleeping. You have to adjust to no routine. And to doctor's appointments. So many diapers. Each day blends into the other. But this is not forever. In fact this time goes by so shockingly fast. I know it doesn't feel like it in the moment, but I promise you it does.

This is the reason that capturing these moments with newborn photos is so important. Honestly it may be the only way to remember this time after you emerge from the newborn haze. And I absolutely love newborn photoshoots in your own home. It truly doesn't matter if you live in a mansion and have three nannies, or you live in a one room studio. It also doesn't matter if you have piles of laundry and dishes overflowing the sink. Those are not the things that you will notice. And as an in home photographer, I know how to capture photos with anything going on in the background.

Newborn with eyes closed on blanket in basket during photoshoot.
Baby wrapped in white blanket sleeps with hand next to face for newborn photoshoot.
Baby with eyes open on back with parent's hands holding head.

Baby Ellie's Newborn Photo Session

This newborn photoshoot totally stole my heart. One of my favorite things about newborn sessions is hearing the story of how baby came to be earthside. This includes the journey to get pregnant, the rollercoaster of all three trimesters, and then all the drama of the birth story. Having a baby is truly a wild ride, and that is just the beginning of parenthood.

Sweet Ellie was wished for so immensely by her parents. For years they tried to get pregnant and like so many women I talk to, there was heartbreak along the way. But the strength and perserverance of parents is something to behold and this lovely family finally got their rainbow baby. And boy is she a beauty.

Newborn photos can be unpredictable. Sometimes baby is sleepy...and sometimes baby is awake...and hungry. This sweet little bundle was all of these things. She would eat, sleep, fuss a little, melt your heart, repeat. Parents are always concerned as soon as baby gets a little fussy, thinking that their newborn photos are going to be ruined, but the truth is, even if your baby is crying 95% of the time, the other 5% are perfection, and the rest tell the true story of this crazy adventure.

Mom in white shirt looks down on baby with hands near face during family photos.
Dad holds baby in arms while mom kisses babies head during family photoshoot.
Baby looks up at mom while she holds her during photoshoot in Asheville, NC.
Mom leans down to kiss baby's head while baby looks toward camera with open eyes.
Baby lays on rainbow blanket in basket with white bow on head and rainbow teething toy next to her.
Dad in dark shirt holds baby while baby looks toward camera during newborn photoshoot.
Baby sleeps on white fuzzy blanket during family photoshoot in Asheville NC.
Two parents look down on baby while baby looks up at camera during newborn photos.
Baby in brown floral onesie sleeps with hands near face while laying on white fuzzy blanket.
Baby smiles slightly while sleeping on white fuzzy blanket with rainbow toy next to her.
Mom snuggles with baby on chest while baby sleeps and smiles slightly during newborn photoshoot.
Close up photo of baby's wrinkled fingers as she sleeps wrapped in white blanket during newborn photoshoot.

Why Are Newborn Photoshoots at Home So Special?

You know what is typically the last thing you want to think about once you have finally had that baby and are trying to figure out how to literally keep a human alive? Getting yourself, your partner, and your kid/kids ready to go somewhere they have never been and to look put together and happy for a family photoshoot. This is a daunting and sometimes impossible task. There are many new parents who have this magical skill, but I will tell you, I was not one of them.

Sure, Asheville has some incredible locations for photo backdrops. We have mountain vistas, waterfalls, hiking trails, parks. But let's be real, you have a two week old baby, you most likely aren't hiking three miles up a mountain for an amazing sunset family photo session. And if you are, you are amazing and I want to be you.

But, those first few weeks after having a baby are this blur of intimate moments. Days spent in pajamas. Pumping, feeding, diapers, cleaning pump, feeding, pumping, get it. And while these days can be hard, they are also the moments you will look back on and realize that it didn't matter what was going on anywhere else, you were exactly where you needed to be. You are in this little protective bubble and soon you will venture out of it and the world will speed up at warp speed.

Document these moments exactly how you want to remember them. The pretty, the messy, the crying, the snuggles. Years later you will thank yourself for the reminder of a time that may not have been perfect, but it was real, and full of so much love and emotion. You can't relive these moments but you can revisit them over the years, and trust me, that will be invaluable.

Get those baby photos people, you will literally never regret them!

Final Tips for Successful Newborn Photos

As a family photographer living in the mountains of Asheville, NC, I have dealt with all kinds of weather and lighting conditions. Even if you have booked an in-home newborn photoshoot, there are a few things that will make the experience a little smoother and will help your photographer capture the perfect newborn photos.

#1 - Lighting: Take notice of what the light is like in your home at different times of the day. Make a space near a window. Maybe move a chair close to the window.

#2 - Time of Day: If you are really wanting photos in a specific room (like the nursery), observe what time of day gets the best light in that spot and book your newborn photographer for that time of day.

#3 - Textures: Gather any blankets, wraps, pillows that you have beforehand. Textures photograph really well in newborn photos.

#4 - Movement: To avoid feeling stiff in your photos, sometimes a little movement like swaying, dancing, tickling, inhaling that newborn smell, will produce the sweetest moments between you and your baby.

#5 - Comfort: Dress yourself and your baby in something that you are comfortable in. I always recommend neutral colors, but what is really most important is that everyone is relaxed and cozy. Soft textures and flowy material are always beautiful to photograph.

Let's plan your perfect newborn photoshoot!