Asheville Fall Mini Sessions

Every year as summer winds down, and Fall blows through in the blink of an eye, I think that I am going to have time to relax, hike, clean, go apple picking, find pumpkins, go camping...ALL the fun Fall things. Oh yeah, and have family photos taken with all the beautiful leaves and perfect weather conditions. I mean, the kids are back in school right, so it should be easy to accomplish this "short" list of things. Cue the maniacal laugh. All of a sudden it is October, and the holidays are peeking around the corner. My house is still a mess. I maybe fit in a short jaunt in the woods. It is almost too cold for camping. Who has time for apples and pumpkins at this point. Oh yeah, and I completely forgot to schedule a photographer for our annual family photos, and by the time I coordinate outfits, find a time that it isn't raining, blustery, or snowing, when no one is sick (or hungry, or tired, or just moody), is it even worth it???

Well, the short answer is yes. But the long answer is it doesn't have to be that hard. In fact, make it super easy. Sure, there are some incredibly beautiful spots in the Asheville and WNC area with mountain overlooks and amazing Fall foliage, and we all know that leaf season is truly special here in Asheville. But, if you haven't already found a photographer with availability for a full photography session, they may already be booked up, and if you have young kids, we all know how challenging it can be to drive an hour away, only to show up to your photo shoot with cranky, messy kids.

Many Asheville photographers offer Fall mini sessions, and this can be the perfect solution for those of us who have a harder time committing to a full hour plus photo shoot that I know my kids will be interested in for approximately 5 minutes. But as a photographer, the coordination and work that goes into setting up fall mini sessions can be tough, and my style of family photography really shines in a relaxed atmosphere which can be hard to accomplish in a 15 to 20 minute slot.

So, this year I decided to change it up for my fall photography sessions. I am not doing a formal set up (although I do love a good Pinterest design), but instead am doing what most families love to do this time of year. We are taking a walk. That's right, just a leisurely stroll. The backdrop is the beautiful leaves that people travel from miles around to Asheville to see during leaf season. You don't have to pose and plan. The kids are welcome to bring toys, dig in the dirt, climb a tree, throw rocks in the river. Let's just have fun and enjoy the Fall weather. I promise your images will capture exactly how your family is now, and that is my passion in photography.

Whether you have young kids, teenagers, or no kids at all, come "Take a Walk With Me" for 20 minutes. You will receive 10 digital photo images that you can download and print or use on social media and Christmas cards (yes, it is almost time for that too) and you will have the option to purchase additional photos from your gallery.

Things are about to get real cray with the holidays so don't stress about the Fall family photos. Take a moment and enjoy this beautiful Fall weather. Family photography sessions should be a fun experience, not an annoying chore. My "Take a Walk With Me" sessions will accomplish just that. Family together time...check. Fall leaf viewing...check. Photo images that can be used for Christmas cards...check check. Look at us crossing off all those to do items.

Oh, and don't forget to bring your pets, they need to take a walk too ;)

Girl with blonde hair climbs a tree while photographer takes photo from above during Fall family photoshoot.
Girl with yellow rainbow boots and yellow shirt sits on tree looking off in the distance during Fall mini photo session.
Two yellow boots with rainbows dangle from tree branch in Asheville park.
Close up of child's hand touching tree branch as she sits in tree during Asheville family photoshoot.
Blonde child with yellow shirt looks up at camera as she starts to climb tree.
Blonde girl with magnifying glass up to eye hikes while Asheville photographer takes photos during photoshoot.
Close up of girl's hands as she holds two yellow flowers with blurred background.
Girl in yellow shirt and yellow rain boots sits in tree looking over her right shoulder.
Profile shot of girl with blonde curly hair as she holds up flower during Asheville family photo session.
Girl with blonde hair stands in grass looking at camera with hands touching grass during Fall photoshoot in Asheville.
Young girl walks through tall grass, stopping to look at camera during Asheville family photo session.
Girl with blonde hair looks down as she walks through grass with smile on face during Asheville family photo session.
Little girl with blonde hair stands in tall grass with eyes closed, smiling at family photographer.
Young girl holds flower up in front of magnifying glass in front of eye, looking at camera of Asheville photographer.